Posted by: svdemeter | July 4, 2013


We have a much longer update to post but the wifi is temporarily kaput aboard and I can’t get it to post right now, so standby on that.
But meanwhile, from my phone ashore, we just wanted to wish everyone a happy Fourth of July! This holiday marks an anniversary for us – it was a year ago that we found ourselves aboard and decided it was time to go back to the house and grab the cutlery – we had officially moved onto the Good Ship Demeter!!
It’s been and amazing and incredible year and we haven’t suffered from the close quarters (not much, anyway!). Demeter has been a wonderfully comfortable and safe home – more adventure aboard her no doubt awaits us.
So enjoy your holiday and Thank You for the support you have all given us this past year!
More soon, when we get the wifi back up!



  1. great to hear from you:)
    it was a long period of quiet. waiting for your next post.


  2. Hey, guys…we miss having you around! The pool feels empty without Max and Anya joining the kids. Some changes here…we renovated the pool and put up a privacy fence, not because of the renters, they’ve been great, but your neighbors on the other side have been obnoxious. Plus, we have a new family member…Dexter, our new 8 week old Giant Schnauzer puppy. The high fence was needed to help keep him in once he’s full grown (up to 100lbs). Other than that, Hillsmere has been quiet. The couple that bought Sally and John’s house are very nice. They have grandchildren Ava and Nate’s ages, very easy going people and they’ve fixed up the yard and house a bit. I’m so excited hearing about all your adventures…keep safe and we do hope you’ll come home eventually? Please tell Anya that Ava really misses her!

    • Hi Tiffany! Thanks for the update! Good to hear from you and glad all is well in the ‘hood! We have crossed paths with a boat called “Nutmeg” a few times and always think of you when we do! We are trying to settle in the BVI (Tortola) for a bit, so it may be a while before we are back in Naptown, but I’ll keep you posted if we come to visit. xo to all, but especially from Anya to Ava!

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