Posted by: svdemeter | May 2, 2013

Still in the BVI!

It’s been a bit since we’ve updated this and really, there’s not much of an excuse, but this is just a quick post to give you an idea of what we’ve been up to (sorry, no pics right now because I just want to get this out to ya).

So, we got back to the BVI with Greg & Kathy.  Enjoyed a couple of quiet nights in our favorite anchorage on Peter Island and then said goodbye to them in Tortola.

Back in mid-February, I (Claudia) twisted my knee on one of our amazing hikes on Dominica and since then it’d been swelling after walking around a lot or sometimes even after just a day of up and down the companionway a bunch of times.  Enough was enough and I went and saw a doctor here on Tortola and the good news is that I can report today that I feel like it’s nearly 100% back to normal.

On the other hand, Ted had the misfortune of a bad sneeze about a week ago which threw his back out and then started causing intense leg pain.  He spent the weekend pretty much laying down as anything else was uncomfortable (even sitting to eat a meal was torturous).  Two doctors visits later, a herniated disc diagnosis, some pain meds and he seems to be on the mend finally and is walking around at least (albeit with a bit of a limp still).  Getting old stinks.  But at least that happened while we were in Tortola, where there is decent medical care, friends, etc., and not someplace where we would have battled with a language barrier to try and get him some help, or on a passage (yikes!).

Before the Big Sneeze, Ted took Demeter with Max, our friend Brian and his son Rayne (who was on our trip south from Annapolis) over to St. Croix for the weekend for an Opti regatta.  It was SUPER windy (30-40kts) with rough seas on their trip over and for the first time, they had a wave crash over the aft quarter and FILL the cockpit with water.  Max says the tackle box was floating!  It was a 2 day regatta and the kids sailed in Big Breeze.  Max sailed Green Fleet on the inside (more protected) course, but was still battling more wind than we normally see on the Chesapeake.  He took a few breaks from the action when it was too much, but kudos to him, he kept getting back out there and sailing.  And they made up for it on the way back with a nice mahi mahi catch that fed 7 of us for dinner!

Anya and I stayed behind for the weekend and stayed at Nanny Cay (a marina/resort in Tortola:  on Brian’s boat, Happy Times.  We just relaxed, went to the pool, caught up on “checkpoints” for school (on line questions after each lesson to review) and went to the movies.  Not quite as exciting, but definitely not stressful.

In other news, it appears that Ted has a job here in the BVI and will start tentatively August 1st (it takes a while for work permits, immigration paperwork, etc).  Don’t want to jinx anything so I’ll refrain from details, but it will put us in a place that’s super for the kids and safe for the boat in hurricane season.

That give us a few more months to bum around, as it where, and I think that after Ted’s herniated disc is healed some more we want to see some more of the USVI (we did love St. John and a week there wasn’t enough) and then head a bit further north to the Spanish Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.  I promise posts about all that will come with photos.

In the meantime, we are laying low, working on school with the kids (they have both now passed the Lesson 100 hurdle), getting in some Opti sailing for Max (he’s got a regatta this weekend at Nanny Cay), making some new friends, saying goodbye to those headed back to the US for the summer or further down island, and catching up on some reading.

Love to you all!




  1. As usual, thanks for keeping us up to date and the vicarious enjoyment alive. All the best, Bo

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