Posted by: svdemeter | April 7, 2013

The Sea Giveth…..

…and the sea taketh away.
In the 5 months that we have been here we have managed to lose only 2 things to King Neptune, but yesterday he claimed a third, more valuable item.
In Ile Fourchue Claudia donated a bowl. In Antigua, Max handed over a bucket. But yesterday, on the sail from Virgin Gorda, while sheeting in the mizzen, the sheet snagged the fishing pole and a well timed wave assisted Neptune in claiming his treasure. I saw it as it popped out of the rod holder and got up, but it was too late. Our fishing pole has been sacrificed.
The sea has given us much though, so we are not going to complain. We’ve had many tuna, a few mahi and other catches. We found a coveted hat from this years St Bart’s Bucket Regatta and have countless fabulous snorkeling and diving experiences. And certainly the sea has been kind in giving us so many safe passages.
Losing the fishing pole stinks, but in light of all the sea has given us, it’s OK.

The empty rod holder…



  1. They make tie downs for rod holders just like what you use to keep your hat attached to a shirt so if it falls off it does not blow away! You can easily make one, next time the story should be a giant tuna pulled it out of the holder!

  2. Ted you need to be more careful, you know “when its gone,is gone”

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