Posted by: svdemeter | September 28, 2012

Musings About Moving On

It was such a funny experience to watch my car drive away last night (sorry, no picture of that parting – we only took that photo when we sold our ’79 VW bus, sniff, sniff).  We spent the better part of the spring and summer this year selling, donating, passing on 90% of our belongings and really the biggest things left have been our cars.  And now, the BMW is gone and all that’s left is Ted’s Acura (officially it’s on the market after he leaves his job on the 12th of October).  After that, we’ll pretty much have disposed of everything we bought, collected, inherited, were gifted (no offense!!) over the years.  I have to confess, it was easier than I expected.  At that first yard sale I expected to have some pangs as I saw our possessions being loaded into other peoples cars, but it never happened.  And as time went on and we got closer and closer to move-aboard-get-out-of-the-house-for-good day, the feeling changed to a sense of wanting to get out from under the ‘stuff’.    Even the house.  Pretty much the moment we were living on that boat, I knew that I never wanted to live in that house again.  I loved it.  I had SO many good times there.  It was perfect for that time in our lives.  But already we’ve moved on mentally and emotionally.  If we ever live on land again (I really can’t even think that far ahead or have any sense of when/if that might happen), I know that’s not the house I want to live in.  Mostly because it’s too big.  But maybe too because the memories are already from another chapter of my life – one that’s loved, cherished, and gave us what we need to move on to the next chapter.  I’m kind of rambling here…sorry.
At any rate, the BMW is gone.  The Acura is next and then we will be the proud owners of ZERO cars and 3 boats (HA!) – Demeter, the dinghy (affectionately known as Sweet Hot Rod) and the kids’ Opti (named Cereal Killer).  The kids are officially enrolled at Calvert School and in a few short days it will be October – time to start getting familiar with the Weatherfax and figuring out D-Day (Departure Day).  Wow.  It’s coming up quick.

Don’t really have any pictures appropriate to this blog entry, so here’s one of the crab Max caught at the dock after school yesterday.



  1. Living with less stuff is liberating in so many ways. Less stuff to maintain and clean and care for means more time to do the things you love. Less stuff to think about and clutter up your mind means more space in your heart and your mind. Congratulations on your bold move!

    • Thank you Annie! Beautiful words…

  2. I remember my initial hesitation, so much stuff to get rid of, so much that i liked, but soon i too was hooked by the thrill of letting go. One of the most powerful effects of cruising, to know that having less makes you happier. I guess there is some lower limit, but i haven’t come close yet.

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